Avoid The Registration Of Private LImited Company !!!

Avoid The Registration Of Private LImited Company !!!

Ammmmm, Searching the Google Bhaia To know about the Private Limited Company ..
Ohhh wow more than 50 +  vendors available to  register the private limited company from just 2500 /- Rs to 10000 /-
and after few scroll u can find few are doing this for free just government fees only .
With a high curosity u clicked on the few links , and there excellent content writer team work will impress you... that you
can take angel investment .,, funding and many more features means you feel that ur start up will be on the top of the world with
the private limited company and wow it cost just 4000 /- Rs not a bad deal. Lets start the process.
You Placed the Enquiry .. And again sales Team convinced you and yes Discount also .. Yay it seems that u got a GOOD DEAL.

We can't Blame Any Vendor but its not as easier they ask a list of Documents .. Take print and notarized courier to there office.
DSC verification is not simple Now... U get fed up with the Name rejection from department as its the difficult thing to get the desired name.
In this there is no mistake of the Vendor as its a standard process takes 10 - 15 working Days.. Dont belive in rumour get your
company in 1 days.

Yay after 15 days your company is ready :D so whats next ?? Investors or angel investment

NO the Vendor Mail who registered the Company with the information about the compliances of that company and you find that

whether you are in profit or not
whether you have done a single transaction or not

you have to go for the annual compliances with cost 13000/- to 17000/- per year in the case of nill Transaction company
Ahaa planning to change the vendor for compliances its not as Easy as per the Company Act the auditor is appointed for the 5 years
and removing it is not Easier.
So Now you Got to know the Reason For the Company Registration in Very Less Price From them.

Amm Don't Be negative Know each Pro and Cons of the private limited Company Before registration is the best thing we Advice you.

And Still if You cant figure out what is right For You Please have a Chat with our Expert Its Free And Friendly :)

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