GOA - Procedure for enrollment of existing VAT Dealers of GOA on the GST System Portal

GOA - Procedure for enrollment of existing VAT Dealers of GOA on the GST System Portal

Administration of GOA has turned into the first to issue the rules and beginning the enlistment of existing VAT merchants on the GST System entry. Here, is the well ordered method specified issued by the Government of GOA -

Every single enrolled Dealer under VAT or their Authorized Representatives should visit their particular Ward workplaces between 09/11/2016 to 11/11/2016 and gather fixed envelope containing their temporary ID and Password for use in finishing on the web pre-enlistment under GST.

In the wake of Collecting temporary ID and Password, the Dealer should keep prepared with the accompanying Documents:

a) Valid email address;

b) Valid portable number;

c) Bank Account Number and IFSC Code;

d) Scanned business Constitution/Formation records

E.g. Association deed, Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation of Company, and so forth in PDF or JPEG design, at the most. Estimate 1 MB;

f) Photographs of Proprietor/Partners/Directors/Authorized Signatory in JPEG arrange, at the most. Estimate 100 KB;

g) Authority letter for Authorized Signatory in PDF or JPEG design, worst case scenario. Measure 1 MB;

f) Scanned duplicate of Bank Pass Book initially page and another page demonstrating couple of most recent managing an account exchanges in PDF or JPEG design, at the most. Measure 1 MB

before continuing for online pre GST-enlistment.

Merchant needs to visit www.goacomtax.gov.in Portal and tap on the Link "Temporary Registration for GSTIN" and take after directions by utilizing temporary ID and Password Collected from Ward Office.

The online temporary enlistment on GST System Portal ought to be finished by every current Dealer between 14/11/2016 to 29/11/2016.

For finishing temporary enrollment, the Dealer needs to spare each page in the wake of filling every one of the points of interest by tapping on "Spare and Continue" catch at the base of each Page.

It would be ideal if you allude to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Download Link Below - before continuing for online pre-enlistment and on account of any troubles looked in finishing on the web temporary enrollment, please contact Helpdesk at particular Ward Offices.

It would be ideal if you finish your Online Provisional Registration at the very latest 29/11/2016 and guarantee your smooth movement to GST administration and secure all advantages under transitional arrangements under the new GST administration.

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