Is a food license required for a food truck?

Is a food license required for a food truck?

For starting a food business in India, one has to obtain Food License. Before staring a food business in India every eligible operator has to obtain food license before starting their business. It is mandatory for all manufacturers, traders and restaurants for all those people who are involve in food business. An application is required to be filed for the purpose of obtaining food license to the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The chains of a fast food truck are rapidly opening up in India, especially in the metropolitan cities due to low startup cost, easy maintenance, less staff and also hands on its operations. There is a lot of potential in this business because the demand of the public is changing with the time is changing. Food Truck business provides fast services, healthier food and especially more cheaper in comparison to other restaurants. In the coming trends, if it is done right, then it can lead to major business prospects.

For whom it is required to obtain Food License?

a) Hotels

b) Restaurants

c) Food Chains

d) Packaged Food Manufacturers

e) Food Sellers and Re-sellers

f) Food Importers and Exporters

g) Raw Material Suppliers to Food Businesses

h) Canteens in Corporate Companies, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Government Institutions.

Advantages of obtaining Food License

Here are the following advantages for obtaining Food License in India:

· It provides single point access to all the laws and departmental controls.

· It provides confidence to customers regarding quality and quantity of food.

· One single license is sufficient for different establishments in same local area.

Registration of Food License

· Registration

Businesses whose turnover is below 12 Lakhs Annually.

· State License

Businesses whose turnover is more than 12 lakhs but below 20 Crores annually.

· Central license

Businesses whose turnover is more than 20 crores annually.

One of the main advantage of this type of business is that you don’t require a huge amount of capital in setting up a food truck. However, person is required to consider the following costs before setting up:

  • Food Truck: There are a variety of food trucks which can cost you between 2 to 10 lakhs and which depends upon the space and the features which you want in it. But there must be enough space for the mobile kitchen and also for other types of equipment.
  • Installing a Mobile Kitchen: It is not expensive in order to get a mobile kitchen installed. One can either get the kitchen installed by the local manufacturers or can also go for the cheaper option of getting a ready-made food truck.
  • Permits and Municipality Charges: It will be required to obtain a few licenses in order to smoothly run your business.
  • Appointing Staff: With the growth of the Customers base, it is required for the business to expand it by hiring a chef, and also some of the delivery boys etc.

In order to conduct your business without any inconvenience, you are required to obtain food license and also some permits. Even though the food truck business is not subject to very strict laws, but with the growing number of food trucks on the streets are gaining the attention of officials.

In Gurugram, an MCG official has stated, “All businesses or the community groups that sell food has to comply with the food laws, including the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and are also legally responsible for ensuring that food which is sold or prepared for sale is safe to eat and it is free from contamination”.

Thus, it is advisable to have the minimum amount of legal documents in order to ensure that you don’t have to face any of the government regulation later on.

Here is the list of following licenses that is required to be obtain by the food business operator:

  • Food Business License: It is required to be obtain by every food business operator to commence your business. Food license is issued by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).
  • Eating House License: This is a kind of license which is issued by the police commissioner of the city.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): NOC is also required to be obtained by the Municipal Corporation as well as the RTO.
  • License from the Fire Department: In order to ensure safety of the food and the cooking equipment which will be kept inside a truck.
  • Commercial Vehicle License: Issued by the RTO
  • Updated Vehicle Papers

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