The new era of holding Board Meeting

The new era of holding Board Meeting

According to organizations act, 2013 every one of the organizations are required to lead executive meeting no issues whether it is a privately owned business or open organization. By and large there is minimal statutory direction on how an executive meeting ought to be led. There is diverse system for directing the executive meeting for various class of organizations.

Significance of executive meeting

Executive meeting implies a meeting of top managerial staff of an organization held for examining different issues and choosing different approaches of the organization.

Prerequisite for holding the executive meeting for various class of organizations and recurrence:-

One Person Company, Small Company and torpid organization are required to hold no less than one meeting of top managerial staff in every 50% of the date-book year. There ought to be a base hole of 90 days between two gatherings.

Every one of the organizations other than those predetermined above should hold no less than four sheets meeting in a schedule year and the greatest hole between two gatherings must not be over 120 days.

Assembling of conference:-

A meeting of governing body can be called by any executive by giving 7 days notice to every one of the chiefs on their enlisted address through hand conveyance, post or electronic means.

Notice and Agenda of an executive meeting:-

The principle motivation behind a notice of the meeting of directorate is to advise the executives that when and where the meeting will be. Plan appended with the notice of meeting advise the executives of what is to be examined and done at the meeting so the chiefs can choose whether or not they need to go to the meeting. Generally motivation is appended with the notice. A notice of the meeting of the directorate must be sent no less than 7 days before the meeting. Deficient notice of meeting may bring about a meeting being invalid. Every one of the executives who are qualified for go to the meeting must be all around educated by giving a notice.

Meeting at shorter notice:-

A meeting of top managerial staff can be called by giving a shorter notice. In such case meeting should be substantial if the accompanying conditions are fulfilled:-

No less than one free executive must go to the executive meeting in the event that organization is required to have autonomous chief. If there should be an occurrence of nonappearance, choice taken at such meeting must be flowed to every one of the executives and might be last just approval thereof by no less than one autonomous chief.

In the event that the organization doesn't require having autonomous executive than the meeting of governing body can be called at a shorter notice with no conditions to be conformed to.

Majority of the meeting of the governing body:-

Significance of majority:- Quorum is a base number of executives who must be available to execute at any of its meeting to legitimately execute any business.

Necessity:- To truly execute any business the present chiefs must be no less than 1/third of the aggregate quality of the executives or 2 executives whichever is higher.

Majority if there should arise an occurrence of intrigued chiefs:- Whenever the aggregate number of intrigued executives surpass or equivalent to 2/third of the aggregate quality of the chiefs the rest of the executives being at the very least 2 might shape the majority.


An executive meeting is led by an administrator. The administrator is required to control the meeting methodology and needs to following assignments:-

Checking the minutes of past meeting;

Ensuring legitimate notice is given to all the entitle executives;

Managing the request of business;

Keeping request;

Guaranteeing everybody has a chance to talk and so on.

Movements and resolutions:-

For the most part movements and resolutions are viewed as same yet there is a major contrast between the two. A movement is a recommendation that is put before a meeting for exchange and a choice. On the off chance that a movement is passed it progresses toward becoming determination. Movements are not recorded in the minutes. Movements are not official. On the opposite side resolutions are official and it must be recorded in the minutes books.


There is particular prerequisite under the law that the organization is required to keep the minutes of the executive meeting. Minutes are the proof of the considerable number of issues which are talked about and chosen in the meeting. Minutes of the gatherings are the indisputable confirmation.

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