Trademark Class 24: Textile and Textile Goods

Trademark Class 24: Textile and Textile Goods

Trademark Class 24 

Trademark Class 24 relates to materials and material products, excluded in different classes; bed blankets; table spreads. 

The accompanying merchandise are additionally characterized under Class 24: 

Bedding cloth of paper. 

In this way, Trademark Class 24 incorporates fundamentally materials (piece products) and material spreads for family unit utilize. 

The accompanying products must NOT be ordered under Class 24: 

Certain uncommon materials; 

Electrically warmed covers, for medicinal purposes; 

Table material of paper; 

Stallion covers. 

Complete rundown of merchandise arranged under Trademark Class 24 

The accompanying products must be ordered under Trademark Class 24: 

glue texture for application by warm 


shower material, aside from attire 

shower gloves 

bed blankets/comforters/spreads [bedspreads]/quilts 

bed blankets of paper 

bed cloth 

bed garments 

bed covers 

billiard fabric 

blasting material 





canvas for woven artwork or weaving 

cheddar fabric 

chenille texture 

cheviots [cloth] 


fabrics for evacuating make-up 

napkins [table linen] 

cotton textures 

covers [loose] for furniture/free covers for furniture 

covers for pads 

crepe [fabric] 


drape holders of material 

drapes of material or plastic 


diaper changing fabrics for babies 

diapered cloth 

entryway drapes 


eiderdowns [down coverlets] 

versatile woven material 

esparto texture 

texture, impenetrable to gasses, for aeronautical inflatables 

texture of impersonation creature skins 


texture for footwear 

textures for material utilize 

confront towels of material 


fiberglass textures for material utilize/fiberglass textures, for material utilize 

separating materials of material 

banners, not of paper 

wool [fabric] 

frieze [cloth] 

furniture covers of plastic/covers of plastic for furniture 

furniture covers of material 


cloth [cloth] 

glass fabrics [towels] 

gummed fabric, other than for stationery 

haircloth [sackcloth] 

tissues of material 

cap linings, of material, in the piece 

hemp texture 

hemp fabric 

family unit cloth 

shirt [fabric] 

jute texture 

sewn texture 

names of material 

material fabric 

undergarments texture 

lining texture for shoes 

linings [textile] 

marabouts [cloth] 

sleeping pad covers 

moleskin [fabric] 

mosquito nets 

net draperies 

non-woven material textures 

oilcloth for use as tablecloths 

cushion shams 


put mats, not of paper 

plastic material [substitute for fabrics] 

printed calico material 

printers' covers of material 

ramie texture 

rayon texture 

clean wool 

sheets [textile] 

shower window ornaments of material or plastic 


silk textures for printing designs 

silk [cloth] 

resting sack liners 

table sprinters 

table material, not of paper 

table linens of material/serviettes of material 

tablecloths, not of paper 

place settings, not of paper 

fabric [cloth] 


tick [linen] 

ticks [mattress covers] 

fitted can top fronts of texture 

towels of material 

followed materials for weaving/followed fabric for weaving 

voyaging mats [lap robes] 

trellis [cloth] 


upholstery textures 


inside decorations of material/embroidered artwork [wall hangings], of material 

woolen material/woolen texture 

breeze [cloth]

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