Trademark Class 32: Mineral Water and Non Alcoholic Beverages

Trademark Class 32: Mineral Water and Non Alcoholic Beverages

Trademark Class 32 

Trademark Class 32 relates to brews; mineral and circulated air through waters and other non-mixed refreshments; natural product drinks and organic product juices; syrups and different arrangements for making refreshments. 

The accompanying products are additionally ordered under Class 32: 

De-alcoholised refreshments. 

Trademark Class 32 incorporates non-mixed refreshments, and in addition brew. 

The accompanying products must NOT be arranged under Class 32: 

Refreshments for restorative purposes; 

Drain refreshments (drain prevailing); 

Refreshments with espresso, cocoa, chocolate or tea base. 

Far reaching rundown of merchandise characterized under Trademark Class 32 

The accompanying products must be arranged under Trademark Class 32: 

arrangements for making circulated air through water 

circulated air through water 

aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic 

aperitifs, non-alcoholic 


lager wort 

lager based mixed drinks 

arrangements for making refreshments 

non-mixed drinks 

juice, non-alcoholic 

mixed drinks, non-alcoholic 

substances for making drinks 

concentrates of jumps for making brew 

non-alcoholic organic product extricates 

non-alcoholic organic product juice drinks 

natural product juices/organic product juice 

natural product nectars, non-alcoholic 

ginger brew/soda 

grape must, unfermented 

non-alcoholic nectar based drinks 

isotonic drinks 

kvass [non-fermented beverage] 


arrangements for making alcohols 

lithia water 

malt lager 

malt wort 

drain of almonds [beverage] 

mineral water [beverages] 

arrangements for making mineral water 



pastilles for foaming drinks 

shelled nut drain [non-hard beverage] 

powders for foaming drinks 

sarsaparilla [non-jazzed up beverage] 

seltzer water 

sherbets [beverages]/sorbets [beverages] 


pop water 

soya-based refreshments, other than drain substitutes 

syrups for refreshments 

syrups for lemonade 

table waters 

tomato juice [beverage] 

vegetable juices [beverages] 

waters [beverages] 

whey refreshments

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